The Faces of Education — Episode 1

Meet Laura Schenke
Meet the awesome educators at Hudson! We'll be featuring 1 teacher a day with our fast-five questions. If you see them in the hall, now you know a little more about each other!

What do you teach? Grade level/subject.

I am a learning specialist on the twelfth grade team in the humanities. I also teach StoryCorps as an elective on the 11th grade team.

Why Education?

I chose to be a teacher because I have incredible mentors who inspired me to be in education on the classroom and policy levels. I think teaching is a sophisticated art and I feel privileged to work with students to raise our collective consciousness.

Why Hudson?

Last year I attended the EDXED Conference at Hudson and was blown away by the initiative and intelligence of the teaching staff here. I wasn't looking to leave my prior school, but realized that this was the place for me.

What's Your First Impression of the Staff?

My first impression of the staff is that they are dedicated, creative and very hard working. I feel inspired and challenged by them.

What is your hope for the year?

My hope for the year is to be very purposeful in my work with special education. I want to be sure that my students are all accessing the content and that they are accessing their dreams. I'd love to see them enroll in programs and jobs that they love. My hope for my 11th graders is for them to generate meaningful memoirs through StoryCorps that they feel is their legacy.

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