Things You May Have Missed 9/25/15

Seniors to the Whitney - “We the Change” and the senior team are taking advantage of our location and taking learning outside the classroom. They took 3 sections of seniors to the Whitney for a guided tour. You are Awesome!

Seminar Seniors - “Eugenics in America ,Then and Now” Conference @ NYU - Grace O’Keeffe and Adam Markowitz were invited by the conference organizers to participate once again in this unique event. website : You are Awesome!

Mets Magic number is 3.

Marisol Bradbury - Our superintendent and the keynote speaker of last years EdxEd conference will be visiting Hudson on 10/2. ALL TEACHERS’ bulletin boards should be updated to display our awesomeness by Parent Teacher Night on 9/30. Thanks in Advance for Making Hudson Awesome!

OUR HOUSE - Tom Hendricks will be coordinating the scheduling of teachers for OUR HOUSE (student extra help everyday after school in room 101). Please reach out to Tom to sign up to work. You are Awesome!

Camp GREENKILL - On October 14th and 15th, 100 freshmen and 10 teachers will be hiking, learning, and bonding in Huguenot, NY on Hudson’s First Freshmen ELO experience. The Freshmen Team is hard at work making this magic happen so early in the year! You are Awesome!

Off to a Running Start - If we have a ‘student vs faculty’ marathon, Hudson teachers got it covered. Check out Pamela Chenkin’s critically acclaimed tell all about everything you need to know about the history of marathon running in America. You are Awesome!

DEAR CAMP- “I already used the book talk sample from the session and now I need to order a class set of the book NUMBERS.” Maryann Brown and several teachers spent last Monday afternoon looking at best practices in DEAR. If you are struggling in DEAR or need some good books to recommend, please reach out to Maryann. You are Awesome!

IEP Hack-a-Thon- Once again Ruth Groebner organized a 3-day special educator event in room 141. Completing this work at the beginning of the year ensures proper funding and services to our students. You are Awesome!

FIELD DAY - October 1st, yes it's happening early, yes it's going to be awesome and yes permission slips are due. Kate Salute and Emmanuel Blackett are committed to making this an even bigger success than last year! You are Awesome!

Maker Faire- Rodney, Taliaferro, W Ortiz and Kimmel were invited to attend a Maker Faire. Bringing this next phase of STEM into Hudson is a daunting task. These dedicated professionals are up for the challenge. You are Awesome!

Parent Teacher Conferences - September 30th and they will be advisory family based.

Fire Drill - Today’s fire drill caught the inward facing calendar by surprise. Walter is working to get

this resolved ASAP.

1) Tuesday, Oct. 6 2:00 PM

2) Friday, Oct. 16 12:00 PM

3) Tuesday, Oct. 20 2:30 PM

4) Monday, Oct. 26 9:00 AM

5) Thursday, November 12 10:30 AM

6) Friday, November 20 1:00 PM

7) Monday, November 26 10: 00 AM

ADVISORY BANNERS - Banners that had an advisor's name on them are being hung outside advisories. Otherwise, banners have been placed in the staff room and should be hung outside your advisory before Parent Teacher Conference on the 30th. You are Awesome!

ATTENDANCE - It is very important that students are attending classes for which they are registered. If a student is sitting in your class but is not on your roster, please ask to see their schedule. Or look it up in Skedula. Chances are that he/she is not where they are supposed to be. This is especially important for seniors who are enrolled in classes that they need credits for but are not attending, putting their graduation in doubt. Thanks for being AWESOME!​

STORYCORPS - Next Monday @ 10am a representative from StoryCorps will meet to discuss the awesome undertaking the juniors will be attempting with this unique elective. For more info on StoryCorps, please reach out to Laura Schenke. You are Awesome!

Future Game Designers - For info about Future Game Designers RSVP for the Open House: Application: Tisch Future Artists Program:

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