The Faces of Education Episode 5

Meet Walter Brown

Meet the awesome educators at Hudson! We'll be featuring 1 teacher a day with our fast-five questions. If you see them in the hall, say hi. Now you know a little more about each other!

What do you teach/do at Hudson?

I taught middle school and high school students from all over the city since 1995. Last year I took on a new role as an Assistant Principal, but my heart will always be in the classroom. When decisions and procedures are discussed during leadership, I always ask myself, “How will this impact the kids? and How would I as a classroom teacher want this to be handled?”

Why Education?

As I was growing up I saw my parents both work very hard. My dad was a letter carrier and would moonlight as a night janitor, and security gaurd. My mother was a union plumber who would take side-work on Saturdays for extra cash. This shaped my values more than I realize. My parents worked immensely so my brother and I could go to a private school. They believed schooling was the most important thing you could give a child. I went on to become the first in my family to graduate college (or to attend). Teaching is a vocation and am honored to bring my parents values or honesty and hard work to the students and staff I encounter. I graduated St John’s University with a bachelor’s in Philosophy and a minor in Environmental Science. I did my graduate work at Queens College and Baruch College. I guess I always knew I was going to teach, but never made it official until my senior year of college.

Why Hudson?

The best times I had teaching before coming to Hudson were alongside Ms. Amling, Ms. Groebner, Ms Guglielmini and Mr. Purcell at QHST. Amling would often talk of how she was going to design a new school and do things right. When Amling left QHST there was a vacuum of innovation that could not be filled. I left QHST and was fortunate to notice an opening here at Hudson. Hudson quickly became my new home. The sense of community and family found here at Hudson is rare in DOE schools. I am appreciative of the opportunity I have been given every day.

What Are Your Impressions of the Staff?

The staff here works immensely hard. Everyone has the best interests of the students in mind and the positive energy is infectious. The space is tight and the awesomeness is busting out of the seams.

What is your hope for the year?

My goal is to support everyone here so that teachers can continue to do the amazing work they have begun here at Hudson. I hope to be a role model for teachers and support them as they find their niche in the American public education system.

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