Things You Might Have Missed - Last Week

Robotics. Thomas Rodney and 12 students along with two outside advisors are here at Hudson past 6:30pm on Mondays and Tuesdays planning to take over the world (of robotic competition.) - You Are Awesome

Auditions are over. Ponella and Linder had to make some tough choices but the cast of 12 Angry Men looks to to be angry and ready for whatever spin out friendly neighborhood pedagogue and Phil decide to throw their way. - You Are Awesome

iLearn has begun and the Our House ilearn Support has been off to an amazing start thanks in large part to Tom Hendricks and Maryann Brown.- You Are Awesome

Music Club was attended by over 30 Kids we are happy to bring this experience to anyone who interested. - You Are Awesome

DEAR - At the leadership meeting on 9/29/15 the sanctity of DEAR was discussed. Let's try and support each other in respecting the time set aside for silent sustained reading.- You Are Awesome

Trips. So many exciting Things plans for the near future. Please follow the steps in the trip plan linked here so the support staff headed by Medina and Zecena can support you. - You Are Awesome

Laptops. As of 9/28 Everyone has a device. The distribution of laptops was streamlined from last year. Thanks to JP, Wilson, and the Mouse Squad. - You Are Awesome

Math and PE do mix. Rosa Bellu and Vanessa DiServio joined forces to create a memorable Junior kinesthetic math experience for 11th graders. - You Are Awesome

Open Houses- The open house piece at Hudson is essential to matching the amazing students with this amazing staff. Rusty Rigby offered insights to parents visiting this year that were truly inspirational. - You Are Awesome

Field day- The entire Hudson Staff led by the orange headed Kate Salute and Emanuel Blackett created a wonderful Hudson experience. Keeping that sense of community strong as we deal with the stress of the Day to Day, is essential in keeping the School of Awesome, Awesome. (congrats on the win Phil) - You Are Awesome

Games 4 SOCIAL Change has a new face and Melissa Tortora is it ! Check out the upcoming press releases as well as a feature on NY1 30 min STEM show. Melissa and Suraj are facilitating this year winning teams in the G4SC CHAMPIONSHIPS. - You Are Awesome

If you smell roasting marshmallows blame Taliaferro. Student-Centered science and the amazing junior class are using their sense and creating knowledge in b19. Great model of combining chemistry, food and the Hudson Spirit- You Are Awesome

Program changes. Adam Markowitz has joined the senior team bringing both his love of literature and accountable talk along with his seminar driven spirit. - You Are Awesome

The Prince - Halley Anne Curtis started a book club with students who show a desire to go above and beyond the class expectation. Several students are working on making literary connections between the Prince and Bodega Dreams.

Open MIC- A pinnacle part of Hudson’s culture is the student run events without the strong guiding force of Sarah Katz students would not feel inspired to make their dreams into tangible goals. - You Are Awesome

Mindfulness in the classroom. Teaching the whole student was addressed at this week's leadership meeting 10/6/15. This led to the guided forest walk narrated by Jenn Gunn. - You Are Awesome

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