Things You May Have Missed

Christmas Lunch - On Friday November 23rd, Bank Street College accidently delivered Panera boxed lunches to Hudson. Panera refused to take the lunches back. So as Phil Linder exclaimed, “It's Christmas!” 19 teachers and staff quickly made use of the lunches. Although Tom Hendricks missed out his spirit was feasting. Thank You Bank Street!- You are Awesome

Books for Lunch - Students ate books during lunch with Gina Angelillo. Gina’s advisory visited Barnes and Noble with her DEAR this afternoon.To my knowledge no books were actually eaten during this trip. If your advisory would like to take a trip please follow the trip guidelines on the attached shared document- You are Awesome

#SpiritDay- Many staff represented Hudson and showed support for the LGBTQ community by wearing Purple on the 15th. Cindy Busuttil, Daralee Vazquez and Dyanna Caballero have taken the lead in organizing a GSA Youth Group to support creating a safe space for LGBTQ at Hudson . The group meets in room 134 Thursdays after school. - You are Awesome

JP- writes :

“A BIG shout out to the 9th team for making the incredibly awesome Greenkill experience possible! Thank you Diservio and Kilroy, who got almost no sleep while keeping watch in a cabin with 20 freshmen boys!! Jesse Kimmel, for keeping the other 15 boys inside the other cabin while Slee was taking a well deserved power nap!! Melissa Tortora, Daralee Vazquez and Marisol Rodriguez for watching over our young ladies and being such awesome group leaders!! Thank you Santana and Chenkin for holding down the freshman fort at Hudson for two days!! Without your reliability and thoughtfulness throughout this adventure, both in Hudson and out at Greenkill, our students would have not been able to discover each other's strengths, talents and courage.”

Academic Integrity- On Thursday October 15th Maryann Brown and Leia Petty participated in the Academic Policy workshop. Two takeaways from the meeting were : 1. Hudson is on the high end of the bell curve when it comes to deciphering transcripts and understanding academic policy; 2. Course Syllabi need to be collected for each course code. We are currently working on a system to collect and maintain these crucial documents. - You are Awesome

Everybody in the Pool - Vanessa DiServio will begin using the pool during period 2 on Wednesdays with the students programmed for Phys Ed. Phy Ed space is a critical issue on campus and the extra work by Armando Ortiz and Vanessa put into making this program work for the benefit of all our students is something that does not go unrecognized by the rest of us. - You are Awesome

Stoked - Jesse Kimmel and Nancy Amling joined the several students of the Stoked Elective to show her “skills” on W21st Street. The picture says it all. Jesse is learning to ride a skateboard. Well not actually ride. It’s stationary, but he’s standing on the board. The X-Games may be in the near future. -You are Awesome

Fire Drill - Our campus needs to do work around what our expectations as adults are during a fire drill. Many teachers are aware of their responsibilities of keeping students safe and organized away from the building. Unfortunately a few adults were observed giving tacit consent to the reckless behavior of a few students. This is a safety issue and will be re-visited campus-wide during the next Campus Governing Council Meeting.

Museum of City of NY Trip - Chris Purcell and the senior team impressed the staff at the Museum of the City of New York as our students asked deep questions, and shared wonderings from class with staff. - You are Awesome

Vanessa Letourneau writes:

“Shout out to Mr. Rodney who keeps consistent with his dream to have a flipped classroom. It is scary for the students to learn in a new way, but Mr. Rodney continues to guide the students through it! Shout out to Ms. Boney for being open to trying new co-teaching models in the Science classroom. Thank you Mr. Hendricks for working tirelessly towards making our students more analytical, and in general, better writers. Shout out to Mrs. Hargrave for always seeing the best in people and bringing different perspectives to team meetings. Shout out to Mr. Warcholak for his strength and positivity when speaking to parents. He always puts parents at ease and makes them see the good we see in their student. Shout out to Ms. Yip for doing everything, but seriously everything. Ms. Yip makes AMAZING differentiated lessons for not only her students, but for any student who needs access to a lesson. “

PSAT/MOSL MAKEUPs- Thomas Rodney worked tirelessly (really the guy is never tired) to once again roll out smooth standardized testing experience for everyone during the PSAT. There were no accommodations officially mandated for this exam, however Ruth Groebner and Mike Ponella really stepped up their game and provided a comfortable work space for some struggling students. In addition to the PSAT, because of Mr. Rodney’s diligence, Hudson has also completed offering a second round of makeup exams to students who missed the original MOSL. - You are Awesome

Dance Class - Manny Blackett and student S. Cottman are co-facilitating a dance class for Hudson students after school on Thursdays in the 6th-floor dance studio. - You are Awesome

D75 Residency - Marie Yip has organized an inter visitation with an educator from another D75 school. It's more like an exchange program. Next Thursday we will be hosting Ms. Lowe Stuart in the 10th-grade classes. - You are Awesome

PSAL- Armando Ortiz is the athletic director for the entire campus. The PSAL audited the campus records this past Friday and we are happy to report that because of Mr. Ortiz and his attention in the recent weeks to PSAL mandates our co-sponsored sports program can continue to serve any interested student. - You are Awesome

Looking at Data - Kate Spence worked hard to create an agenda where we will begin to look at Hudson’s Regents data. Teacher helped with locating the tools necessary and were given time to look for trends. - You are Awesome

Special ED Changes - Laura Schenke, Chris Purcell and Suraj Gopal have worked hard to assure the needs for all the learners are being met within the innovative senior year project. Some groups have been combined -You are Awesome

Bulgarian Invasion - Hudson will be visited by 19 educators from Bulgaria who are currently involved in an exchange program through Bank Street College. Using Hudson as a foil to look at student engagement in the NYC Public School System is an honor. -We are internationally awesome.

Art and Math - Nashcon Rorick and Rosa Bellu have teamed up to incorporate math into the junior art classes. Interdisciplinary work highlights the connections we as learners naturally make. -You are Awesome

College Fair - Robin Cobb on October 22nd organized a College Fair with a collaborative effort campus-wide. Many Hudson Students came back from the event with new meaning and purpose. - You are Awesome

Justice League- Daralee Vazquez and Leia Petty have begun training a pool of students eligible to serve on restorative justice circles. - You are Awesome

DIIT MEETING- Tim Comer, Wilson Ortiz, Maryann Brown and Ruth Groebner were happy to represent Hudson High School or Learning Technologies with members of DIIT ( Division Information and Instructional Technologies) and the iZone - You are Awesome

12 Angry Mornings - At 7:45am each morning the Hudson Guild under the co-direction of renowned artists Mike Ponella and Phil Linder. Although getting the full cast to show up all at once is at times a struggle, Phil warns, “Don’t rush to judgment” - You are Awesome

MKG Design Projects 10/28 - Sarah Katz with help from Tom Hendricks will be visiting the MKG Design Project studio to do some prep work for an upcoming project slated for Hudson High School. A partnership with this design firm and the Future project will highlight our awesomeness. - You are Awesome

Open Houses - Leia Petty and Manny Blackett organized an event in which 20 families came to visit Hudson and tour the school this past week . They were so excited by all the amazing things happening and have a feeling many of them will choose to place us #1 on their application. - You are Awesome

Farewell to Arms - Kate Salute has embarked on an interdisciplinary unit with her English Class. 11th graders are studying a unit on the theme of conflict throughout US History in their history class and exploring similar themes in Farewell to Arms. - You are Awesome

Roll Out the Red Carpet - Hudson’s very own Pamela Chenkin has been invited to speak at an movie premiere. Being a noted author has it's privileges. Congrats Pamela ! - You are Awesome

Dedication - Joe Warcholak and all the learning specialists have been called upon to take the lead so often on such short notice. When a teacher calls in sick covering the core subjects, with the special educator is often is what's best for the students because we so closely plan together. - You are Awesome

Parent Outreach from the Dean's Office - The Dean’s Office is often times the only contact with the home. Advisors are currently attempting to establishing lines of communication but in the meantime is great to know that the respectful and courteous voices of Cindy Busuttil , the dean team and Elizabeth Schurman are listening to the parent concerns. - You are Awesome

THE DOORS - Marisol Rodriguez, Rosa Bellu, Robin Cobb and Anne Taliaferro are making Hudson a home for our students. They have decorated their classroom doors for Halloween. This is evidence of community building and is a testament to their commitment to school spirit. - You are Awesome

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