Things You May Have Missed 10/30...

CFG - Jennifer Gunn and Suraj Gopal opened the senior team work up to their Hudson colleagues using a tuning protocol. Different ideas around the expectations and direction of senior year were surfaced in a productive conversation. All participants were amazing with their feedback. The entire 90 min conversation was summed up the best by Marie Yip when she said, ‘It's so great knowing that the teachers here care about the students so much... it's like two parents wanting the best for their kids.” Everyone left feeling heard and trusted. Thomas Rodney and Halley Anne Curtis have already volunteered to present on December 2nd. - You Are Awesome

EDUCON 2.8 - Nine Hudson Teachers have already expressed an interest in attending January 29th–31st, 2016 Science Leadership Academy's annual professional learning event. Some have submitted proposals to present and others will be attending for the first time. Please let me know if you are interested in attending. - You Are Awesome

In 1986 the NY Mets lost their first two World Series Games at Shea Stadium against the Boston Red Sox. For those of you that are too young to remember, they went on to win the series that year. Faced with similar adversity, the NY Mets will bring the magic back to Flushing.

Anne writes :

“The 11th grade team is very excited to go see The Humans on Tuesday November 3rd . We think it will do a lot for team unity. Rorick is doing an awesome project involving self portraits. Stop by and take a look! Mike Ponella brought in a representative from PENCIL to talk to the kids about the program.”

NYSCATE Conference, Nov 21-24th, 2015, in Rochester, NY. This 3-day conference includes a mini-maker faire on Saturday 21st, and 2.5 days of speakers and interactive sessions. The conference will be an opportunity for a select group of iZone educators to connect with each other and to learn from teachers and experts outside of NYC. Marisol Rodriguez and Jennifer Kilroy have been selected to represent both Hudson High School of Learning Technologies and the iZone of the NYCDOE at this prestigious event. - You Are Awesome

Resident Scientist - Tiffany Boney applied for and was matched with a working scientist to promote real world connections and increase our STEM program. This is a huge honor and Hudson is very excited. The email reads: “Congratulations! ...We were impressed with your application and project proposal, and are presently confirming that the scientist whom we have paired with you is indeed able to collaborate with you and your school.”- You Are Awesome

Project Rousseau- Elizabeth Schurman and the SAT Prep team from Project Rousseau are working on a collaboration that will bring amazing opportunities to 30 Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen starting cycle two. The goal of this program is to embed our partnership with Project Rousseau in the 5th period. - You Are Awesome

BOO! facts- Mike Ponella has taken upon himself to make this month’s announcements fun and informational. His daily facts and wide array of seasonal ties (and love of the Mets) really made this October something to remember. - You Are Awesome

JP Writes: Capt Manny together with Kilroy, Bnyamin, Chenkin, Kimmel, DiServio, Vazquez, M Brown and Slee will brave the currents of the Hudson river next week during PD to get our 9th grade students pumped up for Hudson Sailing! We wish them fair winds and calm seas...” - You Are Awesome

Sweet Classroom - Last week it was marshmallows, this week is Halloween Candy. Anne Taliaferro’s Food and Science Class is looking at crystallization and students are making their own rock candy. The students were all engaged, and the Bulgarians were impressed. - You Are Awesome

Student Observers - There are many new faces working in classrooms at Hudson High School. Not all are being paid. Many teachers have agree to help the profession by inviting student observers in from City College’s Education Department. They are being encouraged to observe and participate in the activities in the cooperating teachers’ classrooms. If you are interested in working with a student teacher, please let Mr. Brown know.

Vanessa L. Writes:

“Shout out to Hendricks, Warcholak, and Curtis for working hard with Kate Spence-Ado. They are working on trying new models of instruction to engage 10th grade students. Thanks for being awesome!”

Restorative Justice - Daralee Vazquez and Leia Petty have begun to lay a framework for a robust restorative justice program in our school. They shared some of the work during a CFG on Wednesday but will be sharing a whole school PL on November 18th. Creating a supportive and positive community of learners that looks to repair relationships and allows all members to feel respected is at the heart of this program. As students are trained in this process expect to see a shift in culture here at Hudson. - You Are Awesome

MKG DESIGN STUDIOS - Sarah Katz, Tom Hendricks and Joe Warcholak brought several students to the MKG design studios. Joe shared his reflection in the HUDSON PIE that same day. MKG will be working on a beautification project during Election Day here at the school. - You Are Awesome

Posse Scholarships - Tens of Thousands of students across the country apply to be Posse Scholars. Thousands are interviewed and few make it to the second round. This scholarship is a big deal. President Obama noted: “One of this year’s MacArthur awardees—the ‘genius’ awards—is an innovator named Deborah Bial. She proposed a model to identify promising students from…urban backgrounds using an alternative set of qualities as predictors of success in college. …The students that are selected form a ‘Posse’ and are provided with extra supports, and end up graduating from selective colleges with a very high success rate.” Amazingly, five Hudson seniors made it to the second round.This is an unmatched cluster of talent being recognized here at Hudson. The Junior Team selected applicants and supported these students during the spring of 2015. Today we are waiting to hear back how the second round of interviews went. - You Are Awesome

Chris Writes:

“On Tuesday, the 12th Grade team was given the opportunity to do an all day planning session at Civic Hall. The team reflected on how We The Change has been going and began their work on what cycle 2 will look like for our 12th Graders. It was an incredibly helpful and productive session thanks to the hard work and dedication of Suraj, Adam, Laura, Jenn, and Gina! Thank you to all the teachers who ended up covering the senior teams classes on that day and allowed us to have this meeting. Shout out to administration for giving us this opportunity to do this important work! “

Student Altercation - Tom Hendricks and Joseph Warcholak reacted to an unfortunate situation in room 101 on Thursday. They followed protocol and immediately asked for help. Cindy Busuttil and School Safety arrived immediately and the situation was promptly resolved without further incident. The linked protocol is from the UFT website and should be reviewed for your own protection. - You Are Awesome

Congrats! - Matthew Robinson, the former curator of Hudson HSLT, was recently married and shared this photo!

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