Things You May Have Missed Friday Nov 6

Election Day PD- Teams of Hudson educators gathered in various locations around the city to work on unique team goals. Thank You everyone for your cooperation on this day. Looking forward to hearing from each group at our next gathering - You Are Awesome

NY1, Huffington Post - Melissa Tortora is freakin famous. We will eventually all be able to say “we knew her when she was only starting out in game design.” She will be signing autographs at the next comic-con ($175 a ticket) or at the National Honors Induction Ceremony (free) November 12th in the Library.- You Are Awesome

Painting In School- If you have not already done so please stop by and check out B12, 136 and 101 where 45 employees of MKG Design spent the entire day Tuesday giving of their time to make our students feel special.(Thank You Sarah Katz) Our new challenge will be to find a way to make the outside space in the basement work. Please don't hesitate to share your ideas with administration ASAP so we can open this up to students and staff.- You Are Awesome

JP Slee and Jesse Kimmel student-centered math-a-palooza by engaging students in attempting mastery. They have successfully tapped into using Students as Integrated Resources (SIRS). You Are Awesome

Vanessa Letourneau writes:

“Shout out to ALL involved in the redesign of Hudson. Painting is no easy job, and doing it one day is simply amazing. I feel fortunate to have people around that work regularly to put smiles on our student and staff's faces. Thank you!

Shout out to my team! PD on Tuesday was thought provoking, and meaningful decisions were made on how to be more effective for our students. Thank you for sharing your ideas, strategies, and for being open minded.

Shout out to Tiffany Boney! Tiffany works tirelessly to engage students in learning. She accomplishes this with activities that are relevant to students lives and interests. She provides activities for our highest performing kids, and implements differentiation for our more needy students. She maintains high expectations for all students, and keeps them accountable. You rock!”

Monday is Fun-Day at Hudson. Marisol Bradbury will be visiting with her team as part of the Principal's Performance Review.

11th Grade Male Mentorship Program “Man-Up” - 11th grade team, with support from Armando Ortiz, and Thomas Rodney are attempting to address a percolating issue of non-productive behavior in the 11th grade classrooms. “We are creating a male mentorship program to help empower boys to develop the skills that create more thoughtful and sensitive men who value women and are more open and inclusive of other people. Sexual Harassment, Bullying, and Immaturity have created an uncomfortable environment throughout 11th grade classrooms. " Thank You to the entire 11th grade team and Leia for putting this thoughtful piece in place at Hudson. - You Are Awesome

COLLEGE NOW- Over 30 juniors were identified by Dr. Haber as eligible to partake in the College Now opportunities through CUNY. Students met with a rep and are encouraged to apply. Students taking college level math and writing courses while in high school is a unique opportunity many students easily dismiss without encouragement. Thank You Robin Cobb and Gary Haber for setting this up! - You Are Awesome

DREAM TEAM- Sarah Katz and Laura Schenke worked offsite with members of the Dream Team. Hudson is excited for what will be next to drive the positive culture of our building. - You Are Awesome

Chris Purcell writes:

“Shout out to Leia Petty and Maryann Brown! Throughout October they have had important conversations with all of our 12th Graders regarding graduation, transcript review and iLearn credit. Thank you for having these conversations and preparing our students for graduation! “

Advisory Trip- Many advisories have expressed interest in taking trips outside of the building. Please be sure to follow the trip guidelines. Chris Purcell recently had a successful trip with his advisory with only one member declining his invitation. - You Are Awesome

Rosa Bellu and Rusty Rigby - will be piloting a new intervisitation program aimed at giving teachers time to OBSERVE, DISCUSS, PLAN and REFLECT. Time is our most valuable resource here at Hudson and this is an investment in starting our next phase of Professional Learning. - You Are Awesome

iLeadership- Monica White from the iZone has informed Hudson that the iZone would like to once again fund the iLeaders Affinity Group with the understanding that we host a sequel to the EdxEd Conference. Hudson will be getting a team together soon! - You Are Awesome

NY METS - So close. - You Are Awesome

Halloween- Thanks for an uneventful day here at Hudson. - You Are Awesome

Stoked Visit - Ted and Nora, members from the organization that provides material support for Stoked, arrived at Hudson on Friday afternoon. The founder and engineer behind the skateboard making kits used in the program shared his story of how he came to be an inventor and entrepreneur. Later he joined the class outside and watched Kimmel and his band of students shred down 21st street. - You Are Awesome

Open House- Robin Cobb received the following feedback from our Open House this past Monday “I hope this email greets you well. I just wanted to say thank you for the hospitality you gave me and my students at your open house early this week. We all had a great time and agreed that Hudson is an amazing school! Your school has so many things to offer such as great and caring staff, clubs and extracurricular activities that really make you be a part of the school. I wish I can step back time and apply to your school lol. ... Pleasure meeting you and am looking forward to a great partnership.”- You Are Awesome

Working on the Weekend - Phil Linder and Mike Ponella are always thinking about Hudson. 7am on Saturday Morning they will be renting a u-Haul and traveling from LI to Hudson with flats for the new Hudson Guild Production. - You Are Awesome

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