Overheard in DEAR

Jordan, who has never been a fan of reading, has begun completing books and is spurred on in DEAR by how great it feels to enjoy books and complete them. Today, he completed his fourth book in a row — A Farewell to Arms from Ms. Salute's class. *SPOILER ALERT*

Jordan: (in disbelief) What?!

Me: What? What's happening?

Jordan: The baby dies?

Me: Oh, yep.

Jordan: But... but! You've read this?

Me: Yes, a long time ago.

Jordan: Hmph!

Goes on reading. Throws book on the desk.

Jordan: Oh my god! Catherine dies too?

Me: Yeah.

Jordan: Seriously? This is not cool.

Me: Literature is intense, dude.

Jordan: I have to go give Ms. Salute a piece of mind. This book has me emotional.

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