Things You May Have Missed Nov 13

Friday 11/13/15 - Is the last time this century the date is three consecutive odd numbers.

Superintendent Visit - Striking a balance between “innovation” and “foundational practices” are the keystones of education and will shape the work for the rest of the year at Hudson HS of Learning Technologies. Hudson is currently working on collecting and producing templates to use as tools for more effective lesson planning. If you would like to share the template you are currently using, please email it to -You Are AWESOME

Intervisitation - Rosa Bellu and Rusty Rigby began what Hudson hopes will become series of inter-visitations aimed at sharing best practices and increasing student engagement in the content area. Rosa and Rusty visited Vanessa Letourneau and Thomas Rodney’s class then had a period to discuss what took place during the lesson. Rosa and Rusty then observed JP Slee and Jesse Kimmel in action and met with them to debrief. Finally both Rusty and Rosa were given time to reflect on their own practice and process the ideas shared. Kimmel and Chenkin will attempt to accomplish a similar task on Monday -You Are ALL AWESOME

Homecoming and Chemistry - Anne Taliaferro has been asked to sit on a panel at her alma mater to inspire science majors to explore the many career options out there for them when they graduate. -You Are AWESOME

Communication and Transparency at Hudson. - We are a digital school and have the foresight of creating a distributive leadership model to avoid communication problems. Things to keep in mind when you are thirsty for information:

  • The PIE is our forum for "shout-outs" and celebration. Please email to post items to the PIE. It is our professional responsibility to read the PIE daily.

  • Hudson will also continue to put out the "Things You Might Have Missed" as a weekly email update.

  • Team Leaders are your direct voice in the weekly Leadership Meeting.

  • Administration continues to have an Open Door Policy.

Project Rousseau- Elizabeth Schurman and Maryann Brown have arranged for an SAT prep class to run during the 5th period elective. Selected students will be offered this $9000 value based on attendance and previous classroom performance. This is yet another layer to the awesome that is Hudson. A class list will be shared and skedula will reflect the changes for 5th period. Thank you for everyone in supporting this important piece of work. -You Are AWESOME

Cycle 2 begins - Monday will be the first day for cycle 2, please check your skedula and be aware of the attendance. There are some slight changes in some programs as we continue to offer the most student choice during our 5th period.

BABY - No one missed this! But just in case you have been hiding from all Hudson contacts, Cindy writes: ”This morning after 21 hours of labor and after a c-section, my wife and I became the proud parents of our baby boy, Francis Torino Celestino Busuttall (9 lbs). Both mama and baby are doing well. :)“ -You Are AWESOME

DocentEDU Filming- Marisol Rodriguez and Jennifer Kilroy are going to be featured in a “Best Practice” video around implementing new edtech. The email reads: “In order to better document the SCEC work for future partners and allies, we are partnering with Meerkat Media to create video content highlighting teacher practice in edtech pilot implementation. We thought your teacher team would be a great fit.

The production team would shoot footage of a class (or two) interacting with DocentEDU or a discussion at a common planning meeting about pilot implementation, with a focus on the teachers’ approach and practice, rather than on the product itself. They would also film short interviews with 1-2 of the teachers about Short-Cycle during prep or lunch periods.” -You Are AWESOME

D75 Crushin’ Phys ED - Tim Comer writes: “Mark Ramirez "crushed it" in Physical Education class today-- actively participating in the self-guided/guided exercise routines and documenting his work in his notebook. Mr. Ortiz even commented on his improvement saying it was the most work that Mark had done all semester. I understand that anecdotes such as this may be incorporated into his student portfolio so I thought I'd share.” -You Are AWESOME

HELP I’m ABSENT - Please be mindful of your colleagues when you are unable to make it to school. Lesson Plans should be emailed to If you are covering a class please reach out to Ms. Zecena for the lesson. -You Are AWESOME

Vanessa Letourneau 10th Grade TEAM LEADER writes: Shout out to Thomas Rodney who shared his prep with other educators to exchange ideas! Also, thanks for staying the course with our flipped classroom. Our kids have completed 75,000 problems!!! More than 10,000 in the last few days. I'm so proud of our kids! We only give them 15-20 in class to work on IXL, so most is happening outside of the classroom!!! -You Are AWESOME

European Trip - Halley and Laura have started to reach out to students and parents interested in Hudson next big trip abroad. -You Are AWESOME

Educon 2.8 - Teachers who expressed interest will be receiving an email early next week to confirm plans. 18 teachers have expressed interest. This will be Hudson’s biggest showing at Science Leadership Academy. -You Are AWESOME

Border Crossers PD - Laura Schenke, Pamela Chenkin, Gina Angelillo, Grace O'Keeffe, and Daralee Vazquez will be spending a Saturday in the near future working on developing a language for “Talking About Race in the Classroom.” -You Are AWESOME

**** If I am missing something here please email me and I will include next week

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