Educator Event: King Tut & SNL Exhibit

You and a guest are invited to an Exclusive Educator Event on

Thursday, December 3, 3pm - 7pm to experience TWO Exhibitions! RSVP required. Details below. The Educator Event will include admission to: The Discovery of King Tut presents a thrillingly unique experience that explores the legendary tomb and its treasures as they were at the exact moment of their discovery! Students will feel the rush of excitement as they step into a moment only ever witnessed by Howard Carter, Lord Carnarvon and a handful of others. This is an excellent field trip opportunity for classes in History, Art, Social Studies, Geography and World Cultures. The Discovery of King Tut presents the actual excavation itself. Using painstakingly, scientifically produced reconstructions, the exhibition showcases the magnificent splendor of priceless Egyptian treasures without ever harming the fragile, sensitive originals---which can now only be exhibited separately and are no longer permitted to tour outside of Egypt. The two part Exhibition uses media to transport students back in time to experience how Howard Carter discovered the lost tomb of King Tutankhamum after a long search. The Exhibition culminates in exact reconstructions of three burial chambers that reveal themselves just as Carter saw them in 1922. The second part provides students with the opportunity to extensively examine the most intriguing objects in the burial treasure. The cultural and historical background of the objects are detailed in a documentary film, and boxes and chests found in the burial chambers are opened, revealing their hidden contents: golden and gilded statues, jewelry and many precious stones. Saturday Night Live The Exhibition brings you behind the scenes to experience a week in the life of the cast and crew of the late night comedy sensation and pop cultural phenomenon that transformed American television. Students will be immersed in the show's fast paced production and compressed weekly schedule, and meet SNL's key players, past and present, and interact with sets, props and costumes. "We go from blank page to on the air in six days, and we struggle to be original every week." -Lorne Michaels Monday: Host Meeting. The week begins in SNL creator and Executive Producer Lorne Michaels' office where cast and host gather. Tuesday: Writing Day. Experienced SNL writers reveal the excitement, creativity and pressure they felt writing an entire episode of SNL in a single day. Wednesday: Read-Through, Production and Design. Feel the anticipation as the cast, producers and writers read through every script and choose the best material. Thursday: Set and Costume Build. See how SNL's design team brings scripts to life. Engage in all aspects of set and costume creation while interacting with iconic memorabilia from the past 40 years. Friday: Rehearsals. Feel the energy as the cast and crew finalize costumes and sets, and rehearse their sketches in preparation for Saturday night. Saturday: Live from New York! From a replica of Studio 8H, witness the excitement of an exclusive SNL performance with new material from Tina Fey and some of your favorite performers, musical guests and sketches. In the heart of NYC, it's the longest-running comedy program in U.S. history, winning 36 Primetime Emmy Awards out of 156 nominations-the most of any television show ever- and has been ranked 10th on TV Guide's list of the "50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time." Saturday Night Live The Exhibition is an excellent field trip for classes related to Social Studies, Art, English, Theater and Video Production. RSVP INSTRUCTIONS: If you are a current educator or administrator, we invite YOU and a GUEST to attend! RSVP is required, along with your school identification. 1. CLICK HERE to complete our online reservation form. Upon submission of your RSVP, a "Thank You for RSVP-ing" screen will appear and your name will then be on our guest list. 2. In addition to completing the online RSVP, bring your school identification to our check in desk at the event. (This may be your school id card, a UFT card, or a pay stub.) We look forward to meeting you at the event! Event Details: Thursday, December 3 Enter between 3pm and 7pm Both Exhibitions are located at 417 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016 (Between 37th and 38th Streets)

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