Important Notes from Dr. Haber

Meal Application Collection

Good news! The DOE has extended the date in which Hudson HSLT can submit completed meal applications. In turn Hudson HSLT is extending the related Advisory Contest through December 18, 2015. Each advisory in which 100% of the students return the completed meal applications is entitled to at no cost, a Friday afternoon at the movies. Popcorn, water or soda are included. Please note that students that are on the long-term absence (LTA) list will not be counted against you. All advisories are eligible.

There are two ways in which the applications can be completed:

1. online

2. paper application. Epifanie Medina is the point person for both obtaining and collection of paper applications. Please contact Ms. Medina with any questions or concerns.

Congratulations to Tom Hendricks and his advisees who have already achieved a 100% return rate. Rusty Rigby and his advisees are but one (1) application away from achieving the 100% mark. As of this writing there are 103 students at Hudson HSLT who have yet to submit a completed meal application. If every Hudson HSLT student was to return their meal application, Hudson HSLT would receive an additional $50,700 in funding. Imagine what $50,700 in funding could do for Hudson HSLT students.

Custodial Work Order Requests

It has been brought to my attention, that at least some of the custodial work order requests that you submitted to me, were not acted upon by the custodial staff. I plan to meet with the custodial engineer on Monday 12/07/15 and present a consolidated list of work order requests. Please email me with any past work order requests that were not completed, or any new custodial work requests. Thank you.

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