Things You May Have Missed This Week

Ruth Groebner organized a visit by Access VR. Several special educators

Jenn Gunn writes , “Shout out to the whole senior team for putting together a lovely Poetry Slam this week. Tim Comer expertly handled the tech. For many of our kids, this poetry work was outside their comfort zone, and they've never performed before. It was a true team effort in planning. Thanks also to Ms. Amling, Sarah Katz and Melissa Tortora for judging!”- You are Awesome

12 Angry Jurors - Mike Ponella with assistance from Phil Linder and Tim Comer made a serious dent in lifting the stressed morale of the Hudson teachers by sharing the talents of our students at PL. “They crushed it.” We are almost out of the doldrums of December; the doors being decorated, the play, and the dance, are making Hudson Awesome once again. - You are Awesome

Hour of Code - Rosa Bellu invited an expert from Google to help with facilitating an “Hour of Code” in her Advisory. Ms Bellu also will have about 8 students attending a workshop at Google this weekend. Apparently facilitating a coding elective in association with ScriptEd has it perks.- You are Awesome

Transparency - 100% of the teachers at Hudson have responded to the survey , and 85% of teachers at Hudson are welcome to having their peers join admin during the observation process. Opening up the process and demystifying the Advance Program will only enhance our practice. We will begin these observations next week, and I look forward to reflecting on the process. - You are Awesome

Line Soccer- If you have a free period and want to see our students cheer for one another, get excited in a positive way and really show great sportsmanship, stop by the gym on the seventh floor and check out a game of Line Soccer. Vanessa DiServio and Armando Ortiz are excited to be running this unit. (Armando has been known to join in when teams need a boost). - You are Awesome

Book Talks - Maryann Brown and the Book Club elective are busy scheduling book talks in DEARs. Chris Purcell and Ms. Amling got to witness the amazing work of these readers on Friday. If you are interested in reviving the love of reading in your DEAR and add some positive peer pressure, reach out to Maryann and she will arrange a visit. - You are Awesome

There is one thing none of us have ever missed: it’s “Jennifer Kilroy”. Jennifer Kilroy is the only teacher who has not missed a day of work since joining “team awesome” at Hudson HSLT. “It’s not my fault, my mom doesn’t let me miss work!” Congrats Jennifer! - You are Awesome. (Very healthy and very Awesome.)

Hudson Guest - We are so lucky to have the amazing TRACY STURDIVANT visit our school! She is a political advocate, working to make sure that politicians focus on certain important issues and take action. She spoke with our seniors and pushed them to think deeply about this time in their lives. Thank you Senior Team for setting this up.- You are Awesome

Guitar - During the intermission of the play the staff was graced by the performance of Tarelle, a freshman here at Hudson. Tarelle only started playing the guitar because of the opportunity that arose out of our elective program. Mike Ponella’s class (three hours a week) of playing the guitar for the past 3 months has already changed Terrell's life. Some others are already planning on a possible jamming at the next open mic. Music and the Arts are the first things to get crushed in the test heavy world of education; teachers at Hudson are not letting this happen without a fight. - You are Awesome

Please let Rodney know he’s awesome, he’s recently come across 100,000 problems and feels like sharing. (IXL ain’t one of them) - You are Awesome

Ruth and the Special Ed Team are at a 95% compliance rating with meeting mandates ,IEP, providing the related services , and counseling. In a system where 90% compliance is considered outstanding our 95% is something that cannot go unnoticed. - You are Awesome

Museum of Feelings - Grace O’Keeffe and the senior seminar explored their feelings and the feelings of others at the Museum of Feelings . The students came back with interesting tales of sights sounds and smells. - You are Awesome

Chris writes, “Special thanks to Laura Schenke who is currently the school representative for the GE Skills Lab and constantly updating the project managers on the work that the 12th Grade team is doing with ELOs, assessments and how GE Skills have been incorporated into our instruction.” - You are Awesome

Glowing Reception to the first Dance - Glow Sticks and Music mixed it up last Friday Night. Thanks to Robin Cobb, Jennifer (always here) Kilroy and Vanessa DiServio for providing this safe place for our kids to be kids and create high school memories. - You are Awesome

Short Cycle Evaluation: The iZone has afforded Hudson Teachers a unique opportunity to test drive some interesting education software, Docent. Jennifer (always here) Kilroy gave a presentation Thursday Night that not only represented Hudson and its dedication to innovation but impressed a room full of 80 onlookers. - You are Awesome

Tiffany Boney, Marie Yip and Vanessa Letourneau ran a flawless grade level trip over the past two weeks. They planned the event, paid through a PO, ordered lunches, and assigned work for students unable to travel. This is a model of how to plan an off-site event. They even recorded video of the event and inquired about submitting it as an informal observation. - You are Awesome

Vanessa writes:

“Shoutout to Mr. Rodney for letting me decorate his, I mean our, door!

Shoutout to Ms. Boney for completing 4 amazing field trips this week.

Shoutout to Mr. Hendricks for taking care of his health.... we know he would rather be here.

Shoutout to Mr. Warcholak for offering up strategies for writing in all subject areas.

Shoutout to Ms. Curtis for being festive! She knows how to celebrate the holiday season!” - You are Awesome

Jose Cueto - (our resident ATR these past two weeks) will be joining the staff of Stuyvesant HS for the next two months as a leave replacement. Hudson will miss his flexibility and positive attitude. - You are Awesome

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