Things You May Have Missed...

Things you may have missed 12.18.15

What happens when kids fail? When our expectations are seemingly too high,students feel a loss of control. Before we sweep in and save them consider: “By not allowing children to falter or experience disappointment, you render them helpless.” We offer so many opportunities for our students to be successful, but are we offering enough times to help them overcome failure?

Those are not Holiday Bells, they are WEDDING BELLS - Congratulations to Melissa Tortora on her engagement. The newly engaged couple will be off to London to celebrate. Hudson would like them to enjoy this exciting time. -You are Awesome

Mockery of the Regents - Mock exams were crushed by the 9th and 11th grade teams yesterday, while the senior team worked hard reminding students of their iLearn responsibilities. So many different approaches with the same goal in mind: “Student Success” . Thank You Thomas Rodney and Maryann Brown for organizing a flawless afternoon once again. -You are Awesome

Leslie Randall, Fashion Designer - This past Tuesday, ELO Coordinator Jennifer Gunn invited guest expert to Hudson to share “What it takes to make it in the fashion industry.” We have created an amazing place here at Hudson and #GetOutThere is only making it better. -You are Awesome

100,000 problems on IXL - Math teachers always have problems but the freshmen under the tutelage of JP Slee have already solved 100,000. -You are Awesome

Tenure - Several teachers have expressed concern around guidance for tenure. I found this on the UFT website . (I’m not sure if this all still applies.) Staff will be updated as more information becomes more available. -You are Awesome

Grace O’Keeffe brought seminar students on an in depth look at the evolution exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. Using NYC as a resource is something Hudson gets better at every year. -You are Awesome

Joe Warcholak and Halley Anne Curtis once again were asked to represent Hudson during our visit by the superintendent (apparently they are the must see teachers at Hudson this year!) . Their higher order thinking activity exploring a deeper understanding of Things Fall Apart was no doubt impressive to all onlookers. Gina Angelillo, Suraj Gopal, Adam Markowitz, Rusty Rigby, and Rosa Bellu were also selected for a visit. -You are Awesome

So many Rocks Stars- The Hudson HSLT family here is full of so many high achieving teachers. I think it's easy to get lost in this pond with so many Big Fish. All of our teachers at any given moment could easily be “Teacher of the Year” in any other school. From the National Honors Society, Be Brave, and Robotics, to Honors Chemistry, 12 Angry Jurors, Senior Seminar, and #WeTheChange, our school and more importantly our teachers are just amazing. No one here is unnoticed in the sheer amount of awesome they bring to the table. Everyone adds to Hudson. ‘Ohana’ -You are Awesome

Anne writes: “Thanks to Kate Salute the Junior mock regents was directly connected to the work around Huck Finn they have been doing in class.” -You are Awesome

Ben Lindell, Music Producer - Yesterday ELO Coordinator Jennifer Gunn invited guest expert to Hudson to share “What it takes to make it in the music industry.” We have created an amazing place here at Hudson and #GetOutThere is only making it better. You are Awesome

Gina writes: “Shout out to Tim Comer for making climate change week interesting, meaningful and creative for our seniors.” -You are Awesome

Family - Daralee Vazquez brought her advisory family to the movies together this afternoon. Spending time together as an advisory always building community and develops trust.- You are Awesome

Kate Salute is organizing a Polly-Anna gift exchange for next Wednesday. It's a grab bag with a $10 limit, with some crazy twists. You don’t want to miss this opportunity. -You are Awesome

Learning Objectives and Bloom’s Taxonomy - During Professional Learning Halley Curtis shared that we are always trying to move into higher order thinking type questions but often times get bogged down in comprehension level activities because students are entering our classroom with deficient comprehension levels. Sadly, this is very true. As someone who has been in Halley’s classroom on numerous occasions there is no doubt that the level of questioning and high expectations are part of the “10th grade ELA culture.” Articulating Evaluation and Synthesis type questions into our learning objectives is only one small step and hopefully this will help raise the expectations of our students and give all learners a chance to grow. -You are Awesome

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