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We are pleased to announce that we have selected the date for Project G.L.A.M 2016. The date is April 23rd. Economically disadvantaged students who are in need of a dress, makeup and accessories for their prom will be invited to shop the event for a $5 donation to the program. To assist with expenses, we will be continuing the "Pay it Forward for Prom" concept. Each young woman that attends Project G.L.A.M will make a $5 donation. (provided they can afford it) This donation will pave the way for us to continue to program for women who graduate from your school the following year.

Project G.L.A.M is by invitation only. Each high school that registers will be issued tickets with an appointment time for their students to attend. In order to secure an appointment, you must <> REGISTER<> your school no later than April 1st(Keeping in mind that the sooner, the better. At a certain point we need to close registration due to capacity issues.) After we receive your information we will email you an appointment for your school. The tickets we send will contain all event details for you to print out and distribute to your students. As you know by now, G.L.A.M is by far the largest prom dress giveaway program on the east coast. Young women rarely leave empty handed given the selection of dresses on hand. Important additional information: *Please DO NOT register your students for ANY other Prom dress giveaway outside of Project G.L.A.M prior to the April 23rd date. We feel VERY strongly, that It is not fair to young women who are in need of a dress to have their selection limited by a student who has already procured a gown at another event. If you have an issue because you have already registered students with another organization and know that you want your students to attend G.L.A.M, please let us know ASAP and we will help remedy the issue. * Due to the large number of inquiries we receive, we ask that you do not call us on the phone to discuss Project G.L.A.M - please communicate with us via email at<> Additionally, please do not send student names or requests to register over email. You must use the appropriate form! Thank you! * PLEASE do not overestimate the number of students in need of a prom dress. If you have a number of students that truly will attend we will be happy to accommodate them, BUT, if you commit to sending 50 students and only 10 show up, that means that 40 other needy students from another school may go without an invitation. We look forward to seeing you and your students at Project G.L.A.M 2016! [X] Amy Elizabeth Heller Founder, President WGIRLS INC Looking Forward, Giving Back...<>

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