The School of Awesome Really Is...

I walked around our school at 4:15pm and there were so many things happening here at our school I felt like I had to share. Ms. Angelillo was working intently with 7 students in Our House in room 101. Ms Boney and Ms Yipp were collaborating on Living Environment lesson planning in room B16 while a student worker was cleaning lab equipment. Mr. Rodney and Mr. Donovanwere working together in room 136 probably plotting to have robots take over the world (or at least the school) someday. Ms Groebner was working with a soon-to-be grad on completing coursework. Mr. Blackett and Ms Salute were working in deafening silence in B13 with 2 SGA reps. Mr. Slee was eagerly tutoring 3 students in 133. There were several teachers including Ms Okeeffe, Mr. Purcell and Mr Markowitz in room b35a watching a student present a paper. Ms Bellu was working with 5 students on Math in room 106. Mr Warcholak in room 104 was working on drafting next steps for IEPs for a group of students on the 10th-grade team. Mr. Ponella, in room 110, was working with a group of thespians on Hudson's next performance. Mr. Kimmel and Ms.Taliaferro in B19 were working with students to help them jump the hurdle of Living Environment Regents. Ms. Zecena and Dr. Haber were compiling receipts and paperwork while preparing for an audit scheduled for next week. If I missed you in the building, I am so sorry, trust me I did look. As I draft this email see a team running through the hall and suspect the baseball coach, Mr Ortiz, had something to do with that.

Upon reflection certain truths were evident. Everyone works so hard at HUDSON. Amazing people making amazing opportunities for our amazing students. Public school teachers are the most dedicated group of people on the planet. If anyone ever asks where you work the answer is "the School of Awesome." Hudson is Awesome solely because of the dedication of our staff that makes that magic happen.

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