Future Day is Coming! We Need You!

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Hudson High School of Learning Technologies is proud to announce its new Career Day event, Future Day! We are looking for professionals to visit our school in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan to provide career and life guidance to our New York City students. We are looking for professionals in all industries to join us on the morning of May 18, 2016. There are three options for participation! Come to one, come to all!

Industry Rooms 9:50-10:47am How It Works: Visitors will discuss their work, their career path and education, as well as show an artifact of their work. For example, a music producer can share a song they’ve worked on. A realtor can show some listings they’re selling. Next, visitors and students will engage in a small, hands-on activity for 20 minutes. For example, a realtor could have students create their own listing. A music producer could create a beat with students. We can help you with this!

Future Workshops 10:50-11:47 How It Works: Visitors will lead one 50-minute workshop with a group of young folks building skills and ideas for their future! Examples of possible workshops include: Improv 101! Principles of Movement Building, Social Media Branding, Intro to Activism, (Re)writing Your Story, Event Planning, Making Your Own Blog/Website, Resume Building, Starting Your Own Business, Creating A Logo/Slogan, Interviewing Skills, Music Production 101, How To Lead Icebreakers, How to Build Partnerships, Mobile Storytelling and Photography, Networking Tips and Tricks, Personal Budgeting....and we'd love to hear your ideas!

Networking Competition 11:50-12:47 How It Works: Students will come to the auditorium in groups. They will walk around the space, and the goal is for them to introduce themselves to professionals and ask a question about their career. If they have done this successfully, visitors will write the student’s name on the back of a business card and give it to the student. The student with the most personalized business cards at 11:55 is the Networking Champ!

If you can be a part of this special day for any or all of our sessions, please contact Jennifer Gunn at jgunn@hudsonhs.com or at 212.488.3330 ext 1384 or Sarah Katz at sarah.katz@thefutureproject.org.

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