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September 16th

Each week we try to reflect back on the amazing and awesome things happening at our school. This is an attempt to gather these noticings and share them on Friday afternoon. Please email anything you would like me to include each week by Friday at noon.

Laura writes: “Shout out to new Hudsonians who are doing a great job in a crash course of Hudson Pedagogy and Culture. Rosey Golding has been working hard to create amazing inquiry based History lessons. Angie Shin has been helping Special Ed teachers learn how to use new SESIS features. Each new hire has been a bright and kind new addition to our school.” -You are Awesome

The RIght to Read Committee has shared lessons for the entire school, each day of R2R. This is no easy task! This is a turning point in the academic enlightenment of Hudson. This committee has set the bar high with its well thought out and collaborate unit and lesson plans. Eventually, students and teachers throughout the city will benefit from our work this year. -You are Awesome

Tim writes: “Huge props to Vanessa Diservio for stepping up and out of her comfort zone to design and teach a Senior Anatomy and Physiology curriculum. Franklin Santana for making such a significant contribution to Content Literacy Teams providing anticipatory reading protocols and reminding the team how cultural relevance can be an obstacle for some of our struggling readers. And huge props to the Hiring Committee for finding us Scott Baitz and Josh Albert. Their commitment to incorporating a literacy focus into their inquiry based science learning strategies is a perfect fit for Hudson! -You are Awesome”

Running Late? Going to be Absent? Please email Teacher Absence at as soon as you know you will need coverage. This will alert Logozzo, Haber, Brown, Busuttil and McHale. Nadia McHale is quickly sliding into her new role as our payroll secretary but she needs your help with communication. Welcome to Hudson Nadia! -You are Awesome

Adam Markowitz helped over 25 students who had not be able to choose an elective navigate through the remaining elective choices on Friday afternoon. With his expertise in communication he was able to gently guide students to hopefully find interesting elective opportunities.-You are Awesome

JP Reynolds, our Dream Director, has already made steps to keep the Future Project Spirit alive! Students were already visiting advisories on Friday and spreading the word. Hudson is very excited. -You are Awesome

First week of regular classes appeared smooth from my perspective. Tom Hendricks’ advisory and Angela Shin’s “Right 2 Read” class are now being hosted in the Library (4th floor) . Being flexible and adjusting to the unique space limitations of our building is an awesome quality and something the Hudson staff always accomplishes.-You are Awesome

Kate writes: “Shout out to Josh Gottesman for working on a presentation about our special population so that we can best serve them. Huge THANK YOU to Laura Schenke for constantly organizing the teacher's lounge so that we can all have space to plan and collaborate. Shout out to the whole 11th grade team, 90% of whom are new to Hudson, for a great brainstorming session about how to best use our time. -You are Awesome”

Several teachers have already been on an instructional walkthrough to visit other classes and others have been visited. If you are interested in organizing or joining an instructional walkthrough please let W. Brown know and he will arrange.

Emmanuel Blackett, held a mediation between a student and a staff member that ended with all parties being heard and respect being restored. Handling situations through active listening and respect always builds stronger relationships. When you have the opportunity to solve a problem through a mediation I highly suggest doing so. Everyone left stronger. -You are Awesome

JP Slee writes : “ A shout-out to the 9th grade teacher team for doing an amazing job of helping our new freshmen feel welcome at Hudson and getting them excited about being in High School! A shout-out to Rusty and Daralee for supporting the LGBTQ community of students and staff at Hudson this year by providing a welcoming environment in room 134. A shout-out to all Learning Specialists at Hudson for the amazing support you are giving to our students and for the ton of work you will be doing these first two months in renewing IEP's. A shout-out to all teachers new to Hudson this year for your hard work and dedication that we have been experiencing on a daily basis during this first week of classes.-You are Awesome”

Dr. Gary Haber sent out a reminder that Hudson’s Family Night is scheduled for September 28th from 4:30pm to 7:30pm. Unfortunately, the request to move the date was denied. Thanks for understanding. -You are Awesome

WOW! The posters and the rollout of Right to Read look like we know what we are doing! Very excited to make this work happen. The whole Hudson Staff has embraced this mission and the Right to Read Committee has just been outstanding. -You are Awesome

Phil writes: “Peter Giambalvo for Advisory growth and development, persevering with a challenging group- happy bday cards. Rosa Bellu for working with newer teachers to offer guidance as a veteran special educator and for creating quality co-planned lessons. Rusty Rigby for successfully becoming a traveling teacher. All those hours hitting the free weights have certainly paid off, making those heavy boxes look like nothing! Adam Markowitz for working to implement inspiring discussions about Malcolm X and the power of advocacy and individualism in the lives of our students. Robin Cobb has been hitting the ground running helping our students register for the SATs. Many of them have been accessing their Naviance accounts as well! Teachers, get your Recommendation letter skills ready! And talk about flexibility - Grace O'Keeffe has been exceptionally accommodating, teaching her Yoga class on the 6th floor, helping to center and ground the hectic lives of our students! -You are Awesome”

Like a fish to water, Vanessa DiServio has already engaged at least one student in anatomy. Walking into Ms. Logozzo’s office fully anatomically labeled was one happy senior. See pic! -You are Awesome

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