Things You Might Have Missed 9/23

Dr Haber writes: “Wilson Ortiz and Rosa Nina are proud to announce the birth of their son, Andrew Wilson Ortiz. Andrew was born on Wednesday September 14, 2016 at 7lbs 4oz. A registry for gifts is located at Babies R Us #58333979. Hudson High School of Learning Technologies welcomes our newest addition to the Hudson HSLT family!” -You (and the little one) Are Awesome

Kate writes: “Shoutout to all the special educators for their awesome and quick work arranging Meetings and getting notifications out.” -You Are Awesome

Chris Purcell and Joe Warcholak have given a baseline reading and writing exam to all their freshmen classes. This information will be used to chart growth throughout the year as they move through the Big History curriculum. -You Are Awesome

Instructional Walkthroughs -These interactive discussions are designed as a genuine chance to talk about instruction and see all the awesome that is taking place in each other's rooms. Many teachers have already been visited by colleagues and received feedback. Together we become stronger and build a community of trust the more we share our practice. Please reach out to if you are interested in joining us on our next walk!

Angela writes: “CFG was a refreshing and encouraging space that I can see helping me grow both professionally and relationally. People were honest and sincere with their warm and cool feedback, clearly wanting to provide something constructive and useful. I can see a lot of great ideas coming out of this creative space thanks to seamless facilitation by Grace O'Keeffe and effective management of time by Phil Linder. On another note, I have been super encouraged and inspired by the SpEd team so huge shout out to them, especially Vanessa Letourneau and Laura Schenke for being amazingly helpful, patient and welcoming!” All in all, I'm really thankful to be part of this amazing group of educators and students' rights ambassadors.” -You Are Awesome

IEP Marathon- Monday thru Wednesday ---- Is Hudson’s annual IEP Learning Specialist Extravaganza! Special educators will be gathering and supporting each other while they write IEP’s on Monday and Tuesday up in the library and then hold meetings with parents on Wednesday evening during our family night! Vanessa Letourneau has worked tirelessly to make this event happen. -You Are Awesome

Supplies - Vanessa L. writes “After school yesterday, I received a bag of school supplies. I know if I needed anything, you would provide it, but it is always nice when someone just does something without asking. I appreciate the school supplies. Thank you!” -You Are Awesome

Rosa Bellu shared the “IF WHEEL” for advisory on Friday. This website looks like it might be fun for a classroom community (or for that matter at a party!) I wonder would students hurry to class if they knew the teacher was going to spin the wheel in the first 2 minutes and allow students to share? Could reviewing rote materials be less stressful if the questions were added to a wheel? -You Are Awesome

Space - On Tuesday afternoon several teachers shared concerns about the condition of the room they were attempting to teach in. Teachers leaving a room should always set the room in a positive and clean environment for the next teacher. This is obviously what everyone is trying to do. Let's be courteous to our fellow colleagues that are moving from room to room each period. We all share space! -You Are Awesome

Tom Hendricks has created a schedule for OUR HOUSE + iLearn Support. If you are scheduled to monitor “OUR HOUSE + iLearn Support” please use the sign in sheets in room 101 and return to Nadia McHale’s mailbox. “Our House + iLearn Support” is open to every student every day (except Wednesday). Consider it like a study hall with an adult to help when you are stuck. -You Are Awesome

Jennifer Kilroy on CFG writes: “Shout out to Mike Ponella for making real world connections in his classroom by teaching tone, theme, and motifs using hip hop album covers! Students are engaged and practicing literacy strategies while studying the dark thoughts and words of Edgar Allan Poe!” -You are Awesome

A Seat at the Table- The LUNCH ROOM during our scheduled lunch time is full of students from MBA, Hudson, as well as Quest to Learn. (Totalling 600+). The building has ordered more tables. JP Slee and the Freshmen Team met this week to consider possibly allowing freshmen out to lunch after Cycle 1 providing the students choice earlier in their time here at Hudson, rather than waiting until sophomore year. Right now all freshmen are reporting to the cafeteria during lunch. Allowing all Hudson students outside during lunch would alleviate some of the congestion in the cafeteria as well as free up members of the Dean Team personnel under the direction of Cindy Busuttil to be present outside during our lunch. -You Are Awesome

Tom Hendricks on CFG writes: “It is pretty amazing to see teachers implementing new literacy strategies and asking trusted colleagues for feedback on what already been tried out. Specifically, I learned that annotating works best when it fits time tested literacy strategies of making predictions, asking questions, stating opinions, analyzing an author’s craft or argument, making connections, and reflecting on the content or their reading process.” -You Are Awesome

JP Slee writes : “The Freshmen Team is going to Greenkill on October 17+18. Excited to be able to partake in this team building experience!”

Phil writes : “Chris Purcell - Created an accessibility guide to help our new 9th Grade Hudsonites familiarize themselves with the inner workings of the Google platforms to more seamlessly assimilate our cherubs into the language of the School of Awesome.” -You Are Awesome

Rodney writes : “Tom Hendricks was hard at work in the staff lounge on Monday afternoon sharpening his IEP skills alongside Vanessa Letourneau, Jennifer Kilroy, Angela Shin, and Jesse Kimmel. It is appreciated that he is working to understand the essential and often unnoticed work of a SpEducator. It is also appreciated that awesome educators are enthusiastically sharing their skills and expertise with others. Jennifer Kilroy has been a phenomenal resource when trying to understand and best approach the new 10th grade students. Her ideas, suggestions, and insight with this group are second to none. Jesse Kimmel and Epifanie Medina were working behind the scenes to get the Beginning of Year MoSLs rolling for next week. Maryann Brown has been moving students around and getting schedules out so fast these last few weeks. It is with wonder and awe that I can fathom how students are scheduled for their classes and actually getting to them!” -You Are Awesome

Rusty Rigby and Rosa Bellu - If you ask a group of kids to measure the volume of B35b many will fall asleep. If you place 6 tennis balls, a cardboard box, and a meter stick on a table and ask a group of kids how many tennis balls would you need to fill a room. . . . Lets just say... it was exciting! Answers ranged from 3.5 million to 3 thousand. Students were taking risks and challenging each other. -You Are Awesome

Vanessa Letourneau writes: “Jesse for being on top of his meeting notices! Rosa for developing a digital vocational assessment for staff. Laura for developing a digital vocational assessment for students. Angela for mailing home IEPs to students who haven't been to school. Warcholak for mentoring our new SpEducators with the patience they deserve. Tom and Peter for stepping into a new role with grace. Roberto and Admin for delivering school supplies to each and everyone of us. I'm a school supplies junkie, so thank you for supporting my habit.” -You Are Awesome

Reboot - Hudson’s version of detention will run on Friday afternoons as of right now. Teachers who have volunteered to monitor Reboot should see Ms Busuttil for directions. -You Are Awesome

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